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We Have a Choice...

We have a choice in every moment. We can choose to feed fear, to go into our minds, to loose contact with ourselves and the simple acknowledgement of feeling. We can turn away from that which is eternal and real

or we can choose not to. We are currently navigating extraordinary times, times where it is incredibly important to question what is happening. Where it is important not just to follow the narrative that is being given by the media and politicians. Where it is important not to abdicate our authority to those in power. But it is also equally important not to feed our fear.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories about, many of them may well have an element of truth, although never the whole truth. They frequently contain unfounded magical thinking, where if you scratch the surface the theory quickly falls apart. They are often sensational, praying on the fear that is already palpable in our society. Many are using the same techniques that the tabloids use. There is talk about those in power, the ‘them’, other than ourselves. All the dreadful things that we think may be happening to us while our backs are turned, splashed in powerful videos and headlines. They do not have a call to action, anything palpable or grounded to inspire people. They only serve to feed the fear already alive in many of us, disempowering and more often than not, actually serving the very ideas or actions they believe they are fighting against.

We have a choice to not feed fear, we have a choice instead to turn inward, to connect to ourselves, to connect to groundless being, that which is eternal and present in the face of all adversity. To accept the fullness of our human emotions, without letting them consume us. We can choose to connect to the place inside us that cannot be controlled or have its power taken, even when everything on the outside appears to be going in that direction. Think of Nelson Mandela, who spent 27 years with all his rights taken from him in prison, who never stopped being the powerful inspirational leader he was destined to be. Think of Gandhi, who did not falter while bringing freedom to his country. We need to connect to each other, to support each other, to strengthen our communities and our relationship with nature.

For myself, when I am drawn into social media or conversations around what is happening right now, I pay close attention to what is happening in my body. If I feel a contraction around my heart, my energy rising and tension coming into my shoulders and head, I know that I am moving into fear. The disembodied panic causing far greater harm than anything on the outside. So I turn my attention away, I stop reading or talking. I take exercise, meditate, practice yoga or garden. Anything that supports me to move my energy and awareness back into my body, to bring connection and wholeness.

If we let fear over take us, then we cannot act from a place that is whole. We can only act from our minds, from ideas, from panic, from disempowerment. If we move away from fear, we can find that place in us that is empowered. A place where we can see more clearly and use discernment and discretion. A place that means our actions, when needed, are effective and potent and can bring the change that is necessary.

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Frances Narayani Baker
voice facilitator, kirtan singer, teacher

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